ManageCat is an administration console platform to manage, monitor and troubleshoot the Apache Tomcat application server. Apache Tomcat is a fast and lightweight application server which provides a runtime environment for Java based web applications. ManageCat is also used for managing any application server which is based on the Apache Tomcat, such as Apache TomEE application server.

Designed for the Apache Tomcat environments, ManageCat enables application server administrators to monitor, manage and troubleshoot of the Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE and all other application servers which are based on the Apache Tomcat.

Why ManageCat?

ManageCat platform is used for Monitor, Manage and if necessary Troubleshoot the Apache Tomcat servers.  


    With ManageCat, you can monitor all aspects of the Apache Tomcat.

  • Real Time Information: Monitors the JVM, OS, Disk IO, Network IO of the server.

  • Live Charts: Provides live charts of the JVM, JDBC Connection Pools and Web Server.

  • Server Metrics: Monitors metric items of Connectors, Jvm, DataSource, WebApplications, WebServer and OS.

  • Dashboards: Provides a powerful and easy to configure HTML based dashboards to monitor every performance metrics of the Tomcat.

  • Status Information: Monitors the status of Connectors, Clusters and Virtual Hosts.

  • Tomcat Internal Components: In depth and detailed view of every components such as Hosts, Servers, Containers, Realms of the running Tomcat server. Allows you to see all default values of these components easily

  • Web Application Monitoring: Monitors every aspects of the deployed web applications. Allows you view sessions, servlets, filters, context initialization parameters, context attributes and more of these deployed applications.

  • JNDI Context Monitoring: Monitors web applications and global JNDI contexts.


    With ManageCat, you can manage all aspects of the Apache Tomcat.

  • Tomcat Configuration Files: Manages all system configuration files of the Tomcat from a single location. View and update files remotely.

  • Tomcat UserDatabase Realms: Updates UserDatabase Realms of the server remotely.

  • Multiple Deployment: Deploys multiple web applications to multiple Tomcat servers over multiple virtual hosts.

  • Clustered Deployment: Cluster based application deployment over multiple clustered servers with a single click.

  • Web Application Management: Manages all deployed web applications in Tomcat. Allows you start,stop,reload,undeploy of these applications remotely.

  • Tomcat JMX Server: Integrates with Tomcat JMX MBean Server, no need to use third party JMX tools.

  • Application Datasources: Update all configuration parameters of the configured JDBC datasources at runtime.


    With ManageCat, you can troubleshoot the problems easily when they occur in the Apache Tomcat.

  • Find Leaks: Checks that web application has caused a memory leak on stop, reload or undeploy.

  • Platform MBeans: JMX integration with the JVM MBean Server to troubleshoot Memory, Threads, OS and Runtime problems.

  • View Tomcat Runtime Threads: Lists all the active threads of the current Tomcat server instance. You can get thread information and thread stacktrace.

  • View Tomcat Logs: Remotely views all logs of the server. You can also filter and downlod log files.

  • View System Logs: Remotely views System.out and System.err log files of the server. You can also download log files.

  • View Application Logs: Remotely views web application specific log files. You can also download log files.

  • Metric Events and Alerts: Sends alert emails when events are published by the platform.

  • Application ClassLoaders: Provides information about deployed applications classloaders and related JAR archives. Very useful to troubleshoot classloader problems.

  • Application Datasources: Provides information about configured datasources. Very useful to troubleshoot datasource problems.