ManageCat can integrate with AppDynamics to see each monitored Tomcat Node dashboard in AppDynamics. To integrate the AppDynamics, please provide the following system properties in file in Tomcat or add as java system property.

  • appdynamics.agent.applicationName=Name of the application in AppDynamics
  • appdynamics.agent.nodeName=Name of the node in AppDynamics
  • appdynamics.controller.username="<your_user_name>@<your_user_account>"
  • appdynamics.controller.password=Your AppDynamics user password
  • appdynamics.controller.url="http://APPDYNAMICS_HOST/controller"

If you wish, you can also use AppDynamics Node name as Tomcat agent name. To enable this, add the following system property:

  • com.managecat.console.agent.override.servername=true or false. If true, AppDynamics Node name is appeared as agent name.

After enabling the properties and restarting the server, in the RemoteServers view page, you will see a AppDynamics logo as indicated in the below.

If you click the AD image, AppDynamics Node window will be open as follows:

AppDynamics Node Dashboard