Windows controller is provided as a zip archive. After unzip the archive, the folder looks like

  • jre : To used by installation
  • controller.exe : ManageCat controller installation file.

Login Crendentials

After the installation, you can login to controller with
  • Username : Your registered email
  • Password : admin

Installation Steps

Click the controller.exe to run the installer (click yes if dialog box appears to approve to continue). You will see the following screenshoot after some seconds:

  • Click Next to proceed
  • Read the license and Accept the aggrement, after that click Next

  • Select the installation path. Default is C:\ManageCat. Please do not use empty space in location.

  • Select the profile to install. There are currently three profiles small,medium and large profiles. Please see the administrator guide to about profiles. Upto 10-25  agents select small,25-75 select medium and upper select large profiles. 

  • Select next to install Tomcat, MySql and ManageCat core. 

  • Click next to provide MySQL Configuration information. In this panel, you will provide mysql root password, and ManageCat controller database details. You can accept ManageCat database details as username controller, password controller and database name console. Also, a new user controller will be created to access ManageCat database. 
  • After you filled all required fields, click Next.

  • Next dialog will configure the Apache Tomcat which ManageCat Controller UI uses. 
  • Fill hostname, and Tomcat related ports and click Next,
  • Note that  you must change the host value from default "localhost" to the actual machine name (or IP) else it won't be reachable form anywhere but itself.

  • Click next to continue.
  • Installer starts to install ManageCat Controller. You will see the dialog box like below

  • After finish, click Next to install MySQL and Tomcat windows services. 
  • Sometimes, installing the MySQL Services can take times more than 30 seconds therefore you can face with the NET HELPMSG 3523 message. Ignore the message.
  • Also at the first installation, installer tries to remove old services for MySQL and Tomcat. Because, there is no old services, it prints some error messages saying that services are not found. Ignore these messages.

  • Click Next to finish the installation.

After you finish the installtion, there must be 2 services running in the system.

If you see these services, congratulations. You installed the ManageCat Controller UI succesfully. Now, opens your favorite browser and login to the UI from

After the installation please put your license file to Tomcat7/ folder in the installation directory.