Linux controller installation is located in the controller_managecat.tar.gz package. Before installaing the contorller in Linux environment, please ensure that

  • Your linux user has enough rights to execute binary scripts. (Generally it is desirable to have root user rights).
  • libaio is installed in the system,
  • file limit is 65535. (Look ulimit -a for these limits.).
  • Get help from your system administrator to ocnfigure the above items.

Login Crendentials

After the installation, you can login to controller with
  • Username : Your registered email
  • Password : admin

Profile Configuration

In the config directory, there are three profile file exists;

  • : Provides small profile configurations.
  • : Provides medium profile configuration
  • : Provides large profile configuration.

You can tweak the MySQL and Tomcat related configfruation parameters in these files. Especially, you can define hostname and ports for the installed controller.

After the installing and configuring the system,

  • Run ./ script to initiate the installer. This scripts takes profile parameter. One of the small,medium and large is accepted.

After running the scripts, please follow up the directions to install the controller.

Scripts to Use
  • : To start and stop mysql. (Example : stop/start/status)
  • : To start controller (starts MySQL and Tomcat)
  • : To stop controller (stops MySQL and Tomcat).

Log Files

  • Database log files are located in the mysql5/logs directory.
  • Tomcat log files are located in the Tomcat7/logs directory.

Adding License

Please add you managecat.lic license file to the Tomcat7 folder. License will be automatically read after some seconds.