Before configuring and using  Docker agents, you have to download the agent binary from Controller UI home page. To download agent, login to the Controller UI via ( or your onpremise Controller URL), the download agent.

There are three types of agent, Linux, Mac and Windows. In this tutorial, we will go with Linux.

Agent Configuration

After downloading the agent, untar the agent (managecat-docker-agent-linux.tar.gz) to any usable folder and go to this folder.

Docker agent is configured via "managecat-agents.xml" file under "conf/" directory. Please look at the sample configuration file located in "conf/managecat-agents.xml" file. Configuration parameters of the agent located in "managecat-agents.xml" file.

NOTICE : Please change your agent host address from "conf/server.xml" with "address" attribute of HTTP Connector before starting the agent. Example: Changing address to <Connector address="" ......./>
NOTICE : SaaS Controller must communicate with the agent. Your firewall allows connections to your agent HOSTNAME/IP:PORT from controller. Default agent port is 8090 and is configured in conf/server.xml file.

Configuration Parameters

There are two section in the managecat-agents.xml file

Global Configuration Parameters

These are the global configuration parameters.

  • <account-key>, ManageCat account key, this is your installation account key or SaaS account key.
  • <host>, Agent host name/ip address. SaaS controller connects to agent via this IP. Default is 8090 and defined in conf/server.xml file. Change this to your server public IP address in conf/server.xml.
  • <port>, Agent port number. SaaS controller connects to agent via this port. Default is 8090 and defined in conf/server.xml file.
  • <collector-url>, ManageCat collector URL address. Default is SaaS controller URL,
  • <group name>, Agent group name.

Agent Specific Configuration Parameters

These are the agent specific configuration parameters. In the example configuration file, there exist different configuration parameters for different operating systems.

  • <name> ,Agent user friendly name.
  • <desc> ,Agent description.
  • <control-enabled> ,Start/Stop enabled in UI. Default is true.
  • <management-enabled> ,Management and monitoring enabled in UI. Default is true.
  • <context-name> ,No need to change.
  • <docker-host> , Docker engine address, such as tcp://
  • <config-path> , Docker engine configuration directory.
  • <cert-path> , Docker engine certification (pem files) directory.
  • <api-version> , Docker client API version.
  • <registry-url> , Docker registry v1 address, such as
  • <registry-user> , Docker registry username.
  • <registry-password> , Docker registry password.
  • <registry-email> , Docker registry email address.
  • <swarm-enabled> , ManageCat docker agent is running in swarm environent for standalone docker engine.
  • <tls-enabled> , Docker engine secure communication over TLS.

How to Run Agent

Open or run.bat and change COLLECTOR_URL environment variable. For SaaS users, it must be Before running the agent, please configure the agent configuration. See above Agent Configuration parameters.

To run the agent, go to agent directory and run "sh" command in Linux os or "run.bat" in windows os.

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